Celtics parade will close some Boston streets. Here's the list.

CBS Boston (News) 6/20 1:00A Riley Rourke
BOSTON - Fans are ready to celebrate the Celtics at the parade on Friday , but what streets should people expect to be closed in Boston? What streets are closed for the parade? Four days after the Celtics beat the Mavericks 106-88 in Game 5 of...

Will DCR open pools in Massachusetts early due to heat wave?

CBS Boston (News) 6/18 7:55A Riley Rourke
BOSTON - Will the DCR open its pools early for the 2024 season due to the scorching heat wave hitting Massachusetts this week? The short answer is no. Will pools be open this week? The good news is that pools will be open this week, but not in...

Weekend To Do List: Celebrating Father's Day, Flag Day and Pride

CBS Boston (News) 6/13 10:30P Jordyn Jagolinzer
BOSTON - Father's Day is this weekend and there are lots of events going on to help make the day special. Father's Day Barbecue Grab the whole family and celebrate the special father figure in your life with berries, burgers and beer at Tougas...
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