How are local colleges handling students' use of artificial intelligence?

CBS Boston (News) 11/28 11:35A Kristina Rex
BOSTON - There are a lot of myths, predictions, and half-truths about artificial intelligence: it's coming for your job. It's too risky. Generative AI, harnessed through programs like ChatGPT, is a popular technology that can be used to create...

Should Boston have a guaranteed basic income program?

CBS Boston (News) 11/28 6:50A Neal Riley
BOSTON - Will Boston try a new approach to tackling poverty? The Boston City Council this week held a hearing to consider a guaranteed basic income program for its poorest residents. City Councilor Kendra Lara, who sponsored Monday's hearing, is...

Woman shot and killed in Cambridge early Thanksgiving morning

CBS Boston (News) 11/23 5:10A Mike Toole
CAMBRIDGE - A woman was shot and killed early Thursday morning in Cambridge. Police said they were called to Magazine Street in Central Square around 12:30 a.m. and found two people with gunshot wounds near a Tesla in the road. Both were rushed to...
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