At Equinox Cleaning, going green is our pride. And we effortlessly manage this through an environmentally clean plan. We feel proud that there’s more to us than being just a commercial cleaning company. Further, we strive to guarantee excellence when it comes to all our cleaning services. Thus, we are through cleaning a property, the look, smell, and feel must be great.
Meanwhile, we only use the best cleaning products in the market to guarantee both safety and customer satisfaction. Further, all these cleaning products we use strictly adhere to the go-green initiative and they are eco-friendly certified.
With that said, you need more than just simple cleaning these days to attain thorough cleanliness. A reliable option is green cleaning that’s eco-friendly and the best way to avoid harsh chemicals. Remember, some of these chemicals are potential hazards, not only to you but to the environment as well. With green-cleaning, this cleaning approach is not only effective but also harmless to the environment.
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